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Aircode released T-commerce cloud solution 2017-02-03 14:08:19

Aircode released a T-commerce cloud solution that can efficiently change and expand TV applications.

The solution can provide flexible T-commerce services regardless of low end terminals(STBs), different platform transmission environments, etc. by server virtualization of TV applications.

The solution consists of 5 systems: server and application, and in case of a change in the TV application and service, it can maximize the efficiency of T-commerce service operation by minimizing platform verification and service reflection schedule with modifying application on server.

In December 2016, we completed the launch of Lotte OneTV on CJ HelloVision service and are preparing for the launch of SKYLife, LGU + and KT.

In addition, we intend to strengthen sales to domestic T-commerce operators and to spread T-commerce services through the introduction of solutions.